form manager and form designer is a graphical user interface designer for both Windows and Web clients. You can create Microsoft .NET Windows Forms as well as Macromedia® Flash™ forms (rich web applications). focuses on alphanumeric processing of business objects, primarily used in 3-tier database applications.

The Web and Windows Loader components provide comfortable methods for easy databinding of the data sources to form controls.

windows loaderform and loadercontrol

Using the FormDatabase component, existing forms can be dynamically loaded and used in both Web and Windows environments. The LoaderForm and LoaderControl components can load and display forms or user controls that have previously been created in the application. webloader component

For web pages, this functionality is achieved by taking advantage of Macromedia ® Flash™ technology. This allows for constistent and predictable rendering of forms across client browsers and operating systems that have installed Flash Player 7.0 and higher versions.